Saturday, 14 April 2012

Social networking

Social networking is the act of grouping people into a specific group. While social networking can happen anywhere including schools and workplaces; it is most commonly found online in the form of social websites or specific group websites that bring together people with specific interests. Social networking websites act as an online community for people to get together and share their hobbies or personal views. While there are many benefits to social networking, there is also a lot of misconceptions about online social networking.

The biggest misconception about social networking is the idea that social is another term for people. Many feel that social networking websites are nothing more than a list of names that people can randomly interact with because they want to have fun or have nothing else to do. Rather, social networking websites can only be successful if they are able to bring together a specific group of people around a common subject that everyone finds interesting.

However, the biggest drawback to online social networking websites that has to be considered is the value of the relationship. While it is quite possible to have a large number of friends with interests similar to yours on a social networking website, you need to consider how many of these relationships have true value. If you are joined with people that you can meet both offline and online so you can focus towards a common and specific goal then you can say you have a true relationship with an individual. The goal of social networking is to focus not on the number of people you have a friendship with, but rather the link that you have in common with them and the quality of your relationship with them.

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